Monday, September 29, 2008

sudah mau balik

ouh..some 30 minutes till we take the way..selamat hari raya to all my friends and family plus readers to this blog..

raya should be about fun stuff aite..but still do not forget something sad happen..and the sad thing will always happen everyday so just take note of it..

selamat hari raya i wish and beg forgiveness for something i have done this past years..=]


list of after raya activities..
1.assignment of no sleeping
10.all of the above at the same time..=]


ey read my loyal readers..=] least im still trying to entertain you guys..=]

today i will go on a journey..far a place where almost all things start..a place where someone will cry when they were there..a place called 'kampung'..anyway..journey starts at 3 or something like that..'janji melayu' know..nothing will be exact as they were told to be..i am very sure this raya will be something less cool than the last one..same as the last raya i went through..maybe i lost the feeling of raya..i need a new breath of raya..where new songs are created..not some old songs that are being sang back by some so called nice voice wannabe artist..dumb..make something original would you please..i am still asking nicely..=] not let me start telling some dumb things about artist in malaysia..espacially to the so called singers of the modern malaysia..fuuuck~

by the way..studying never been so tired since i move to seri iskandar..i know it was going to be studio-life but the art of no life must go on yes..=]..people there does not agree much to people from architecture..they said we tend to talk and walk with our people and ignore they say..they never know why..or even they even know about architecture..the thing are so complicated..and architect are arts+science as p.m. ismail told the how to mix our works that involve all that to something more to just art or just science..=.=

the thing mixing up stories yes..=]..

im hyper for writing and i did not have much time writing when i am at seri iskandar..yay me..ouh post shoul be something to do with myspace..wait for it..=]

till i wrote again..which is after i sleep and take some sweet nap..-_-zzZ