Tuesday, December 29, 2009


haha..so it's near the end of semester break and i wonder how much people that i considered as friends have change.=].this is me writing at the morning(10.55). so something you think impossible is basically possible even though you do not put your heart into it.

there's a lot of celebrities death this year.i wonder why.all the stories about the end of world.surely im not ready yet for that time to come but i'll accept the fact that it is near..hahaha.so much for 2009 to be a great year.but as time goes on.things will probably develop into something more better. whatever was new will be old.xD.

oh oh.somehow i feel like writing in 'rojak'.

this is a good year and in 2more days it will become was a great year. i dont know about you guys but i have been through a lot this year and for this i do think this is my last post for this year.(malas). saying goodbye to 2009 today and looking foward to 2010.=].

p/s.i dont know about what you see but somehow i saw a lot of transsexual guys this year.xD

Monday, December 21, 2009


hye guys..it's been a while now i noticed..haha..i do say im back writing but somehow i feel a lot of laziness being corrupted into my brain to do anything productive..

well now..talking about productivity.(i was thinking about writing something that have to do with malaysian government issue).i've been thinking a lot about what i am doing at home now..pretty much nothing..i do say im trying to sell my photos but luck is really not on my side..haha.

oh..by the way..last saturday i went to the rantai art event..nothing much this year but i really do enjoy going there..i bought a very interesting book concerning about politics in malaysia in a very comical way..very fun and cheap..=].i see that no matter how different you are in this world there will be a single human being or more that somehow share the same thought as what you are thinking..(i dont really check on what i wrote anymore).

well now..i dont really know what to write anymore..until next time..writing about random things of what i feel..xDDD

Friday, December 4, 2009

well said

commenting about something that exist just for fun is fun..haha..how's that for the opening line..ok..here's the thing..people are exactly loves to give comments about something from their own perspective..it's like a common plague that seems hardly enough to ever fade from this society..

i've meet a foreigner earlier this day and somehow he gives some interesting questions for me to think..you know people around Malaysia especially teenagers like myself, we do not even concern ourself of what we are doing..i do not think it's appropriate for me to write down what i've done here but somehow you can guess..he asked me weather this society will be a gambling society in the future..........it really is hard to think not but somehow i replied that most of us in malaysia are muslim and we do not gamble but some of them are..the higher ranks do not so there will be no hope for this to happen..and then i think again..people are gambling everyday of their life..who does not..and yet there is no specific law against it..i wonder..

this country is a third world country and also known as the best islamic country if i am not mistaken..but the law here is not much as islamic as it can be..we decide the law by the passing of time and yet it never is perfected as it was during the great time of islam..we may say we are muslim but actually we do not do what we are told to do..i must say i am not a good muslim but i am trying to be one...someday for sure..

this is way off now..until next time..=]

Saturday, November 28, 2009

a change

hye guys..this is somehow a very important post for me..it's been a very long time since i posted something so it really is awkward trying to write things just the way i did before..i really do take a very long time just to figure out the best title for this post but hey..i remember i never did that before..

blogging does affect me in many ways i found it easy to forget..but when i think back to the times i write things..i remember that what i wrote is somehow uneasy to someone..well, i do wrote whatever i think during that time..now this medium is more to be use to update someone's life..well..things do change..

well..i do think i will try to be active again..writing is fun..i enjoy doing things with my hands..xD

until next time.

Monday, July 20, 2009


this will be base on what i get on the wikipedia..well..almost all of my reading time are spent there so i just basically trust this site as my main source of information..regarding this..anymore information about any thing in this world in any website will be appreciated if u give me the url..=]..im blaberring..i know..

now..for the country that situated in the south-east region of asia..here is philippines..with the total area of the country of 300,000 km square. the capital of the country is called manila..the geography of the land consists of 0.61% of fresh water..the country main language is called philipino and they are using english too as one of their language..their poppulation is estimated around 92,226,600 people..it is one of the richest cultural land in asia and also my main topic for my history assignment for now..

more updates later on..=]

continuation of my light and colours studies


still based on wikipedia..i need more source though..=]

Friday, July 17, 2009

colours assignment


all based on this sites..anymore information regarding colours are very helpful to me..thank you..

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

me myself and i..who

ok..so here's the thing..i wrote this because at least now i have a reason why..my lecturer ask me too..eheh..he will check this though so i make this as not me writing it as possible..

i am a simple yet not very complex minded person..so to say..i have this friend of mine say that..you're cool..sure i am not that cool but hey..a compliment's a compliment..i dont mind people saying things about me..if it's true i dont have much more to argue about it right..i just dont care..

i am younger than most people think i am..i have this very odd thing that makes me look old..my face and people who know me will exactly say im not because of what i usually do..thank you..

this is very simple yet sarcastically not me..i was born at sabah..my proud to say hometown..i love being there honestly..i just have a hard time to stay there though..i dont know why but yeah..people in sabah are particularly friendly..=]..not like me i guess..

what i think off is spectacularly different than what people think..maybe im just different..or maybe all human beings are different..i see many things that makes me hate that thing..i just dont expect people being who they are and still call themselves human being..for some of course..i have a very different view of this world..i hate a lot of people..i hate a lot of things but i also loves many things in the same time..=]..human nature..thats what this is..

this is not me writing..

till i write again..=]

Friday, June 19, 2009


you know..it is weird how people of other believes want to turn into Muslim..and yet..we, that was born as a Muslim try hard not to be one..i came across the discovery channel and watch this 'halal mate'..i biography about a women, somewhere in America convert into a Muslim..

her family was respectful yet very, how do say that..curious..asking question of why this and that..and somehow..it really does make me think that..i need to change..

maybe i will change..somehow..in the near future..if i am still alive..i am still me..still i know what is right and wrong..we get older yes..=]..

this might be and odd thing for me to write but somehow it feels great to just let go of what you are thinking to the world right..

till next writing time..bye

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

home me

so at last..i arrived safely in my sweet bed..it has been a rough 2-17 jun experience..16 days..in sabah..my hometown..which in fact i do not miss it that much..going places~

so..my first weekend ended up in sandakan..it was an 8 hour journey from where i am staying which is at inanam..sandakan is not as fancy as i have ever imagined though..but hey..i guess if you are looking for great seafood delicacy that is the place to go..you know that seafood there is fairly cheap if you want to compare it with prices in penisular..

as time flies so do my writing skill..haha..i have not done this for a while and since it is daytime my mood is not working much with me..

there is a lot more story to be told..maybe i'll write it later..bye~

Monday, June 1, 2009


hello..so you know what..i have checked some of my friends blog and i guess..maybe mine is totally boring in many kind of ways..haha..besides..i have noticed this..a lot of people start blogging recently..i wonder why..weee~

ok..here is the thing..i am leaving for Sabah tomorrow at 7 a.m...it has been a long time since i was there..my Sabah language is getting all shitty you know..try me next time when you meet me..=]..i was thinking of turning my phone off while i am at Sabah..maybe i can get away from all my friends for a while..but heck..haha..i do not have that many friends that cling to me everytime aite..so off with the idea..=]..besides..it will be hard if i got lost..haha..take that ideas~

oh hey..maybe..people will start using twitter as well..now now..interesting..=]..i have another month to have fun till i get back to hell..drawings all the way till end of year..wish me happy holiday you all..=]..

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


=]..i am smiling yet i do not know why..i have been thinking a lot about my future..haha..sometimes thinking about it will be wonderful in many ways..you know..when you think about growing up with your closest friends..even though things change like everyone is getting married or what so ever..you guys will still not fall apart..wonderful is not it..?

i have dream about happy ending all my life yet one thing never gets away from me..after i die..haha..anyway..life is for you to decide how you want to live trough it..

oh..i was thinking..naaah..till next time..smile =]

Friday, May 22, 2009

kaki follow

haha..so hari ni rase nk tulis suka2 hati lak..grammar ke pape ke ignore je..

so it seems kn..day by day..teens dkt malaysia makin ramai brmnt dgn fotography..haha..mayb it's just me tp i encounter a lot of people yg mnt bnde tuh..dulu kn..time orang tga into indie..people was like menjerit hujan mcm orang gila la kot..tapape kn..

ok ok..so org malaysia mmg up2date..time orang ramai2 sokong..yg minoriti pun akan ikut..sesetengah la..tp ok la tu..kurang pendirian tetap..kira orang malaysia akan experience byk bnda la nih..ke melalui je..orang tua2 kata macam tin kosong..kn kn..

ignore the fact that malaysian are becoming more stupid as time move.. ..haiz..taley nk ignore jg..we are becoming more like americans..pergi la search kt youtube..cari pasal 'why americans are not stupid'..malaysian will become like that in the near future..

teens will grow but with proper teaching..kadang2 bila nak cerita blk pasal education kt malaysia sgt bodo kot..ada ke da tukar math and science kt skolah dlm english da brapa tahun..lps tu tibe2 nk tukar blk bahasa melayu..logik la sket kot..mmg ada problem that comes with that situation..ade cikgu yg xboleh nk mengajar..but that is what the teacher sndiri kne atasi sndiri..learn english..it helps..a lot..walaupun bahasa asing kn..

malaysia da merdeka brapa lame da but still dlm kategori negara membangun..nk bandingkan singapore yg label diorg skarang dah jd negara maju..boleh je..nk ckp pasal saiz negara kita..so.?mmg menulis ni senang but tengok la negara kita kn..every prime minister msti ade problem dgn perkauman..even the so call malaysia truly asia pun ada perkauman..it is hard to let go of the perkauman..dengan org nk kutuk kaum lain..grow up..da tiba ms kot nk terima orang lain..nk status khas..deal with it..in time all of the nation will understand the true meaning of perpaduan..

haha..kn melalut..so another crap by me..=]

thank you..

Thursday, May 21, 2009

crap lagi~

haha..hari ini rasa macam nak rojak-rojak..but with proper writing sebab language is art..

kadang-kadang bila fikir balik..things like drama melayu is so unappropriate..cerita yang contoh up to date masih lagi outdated..perasan tak all the drama is same in every way..of course yang pelik cara olahan cerita but still stuffs that are happening will not change..bodoh kan..

ok..enough with the openings..

tadi macam bangun pukul 1.30 petang..haha..normal gila la kn..so bangun-bangun terus buat la all the usual stuffs..blablabla..sampai pukul 5..dah la lapar like hell time ni..then my mum comes back from work..tanye nak ikut tak pergi klcc..

it really has been a while since i talk to my mum you know..it has always been her life to herself and my life to myself..awkward but still cherishable..blablabla

jalan-jalan dekat klcc seorang macam orang gila la kan..sedih..then labu came..dengan tiada duit..lagi la..haha..but i am the one who ask him to follow..nak tak nak kena la belanja..haha..

susah la kot rojak-rojak..malas nak sambung..haha..byebye..=]

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


so..it has been a week since i was in Perak..things are not going well with what i was planning before..you know..the usual hanging out..shopping..chilling..bla bla bla..and stuffs..

so i thought i was miserable..then i go watch some videos on youtube..things are not as easy as they look..there are people suffering each and every hour..ever think of that..

so then i know..my boring life is not miserable at all..i just need to find something to do right..just the right motivation..

by the way..this is 90% crap..=]

Saturday, May 16, 2009

i have been a jerk..

you know..breaking up is not an easy thing..life is wonderful when u have someone that loves you and all..but there is time when wonderful things go away..like feelings..this will be the worst break up story ever told by me..i really care you know..things do change..i just feel that things can end in more better way but breakup i no much better in any way..

people said that being single is better..no break up..no extra worrying..living life just for yourself..it is true..but human nature still applies in many way of life..like an animal instinct..love..desire for it is infinite..people will search for it..even though it does hurt yet in will be healed..times heal everything so the old folks said..

i have been through a lot even for my age..i guess people will see it differently..i am old enough to experience many unwanted things..time changes..maybe in future people will experience things a lot faster you know..

this thing i wrote will be nothing but history too but i will try to preserve memories till it rots..history is a great thing..

i will remember this day..17th May 2009..

Saturday, February 28, 2009

it's been a very long time since...

well now..it really is a very long time since i update anything on this dull blog..im still suprised that someone would follow this thing..hahaha..

well now... this blog is all about writings and more dull words that comes out from my boring but still a little bit of 'creative' mind..8]

no pictures means that more creative thinking as i must say..haha..or slow and dull internet line that needs hours of uploading.. go figure..

by the way..i have this freakishly horrible assignment for my final..so if anyone have any idea about what kind of house should i make a model of..just leave me a comment..if you have one..thanks..=]

description of the house that i need..
-2 stories height
-easy found materials
-basic design structure (this makes me wonder much)
-not to complicated
-please let the house have it's dimensions
-elevations and plans can make it more easier
-lets just say that the architect of that house is somehow well known
-reference can make my life easier

that's all folks..till i write again..

it's been a very long time since...