Monday, December 21, 2009


hye's been a while now i noticed..haha..i do say im back writing but somehow i feel a lot of laziness being corrupted into my brain to do anything productive..

well now..talking about productivity.(i was thinking about writing something that have to do with malaysian government issue).i've been thinking a lot about what i am doing at home now..pretty much nothing..i do say im trying to sell my photos but luck is really not on my side..haha. the way..last saturday i went to the rantai art event..nothing much this year but i really do enjoy going there..i bought a very interesting book concerning about politics in malaysia in a very comical way..very fun and cheap..=].i see that no matter how different you are in this world there will be a single human being or more that somehow share the same thought as what you are thinking..(i dont really check on what i wrote anymore).

well now..i dont really know what to write anymore..until next time..writing about random things of what i feel..xDDD

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