Saturday, December 27, 2008

this is ridiculous

what to say when things turn out to be unexpectedly horrible from the way you plan it..wonder if life can be a novel..will it be as good as the novel itself..even if it is like in the novel..would life be that weird..

i just thought of writing this to past my time..i am off to Perak tomorrow to start my new semester..this is normal but yeah..i will try my best to boost my pointer..such low marks to start my life as an university student is bad enough for me to realize that life is not as easy as before in my school year..

till i write again..this IS ridiculous..=|

Sunday, December 7, 2008

malaysian people are somehow stupid in their own way

ok..that is one heck of a controversial headline but hey..i do not know this recent landslide occurred at bukit antarabangsa..yeah..that hellish landslide which cause a heck of major damage to the does not feel like that is some big deal here..

i watch the news..i do not know when is it..maybe it was yesterday or two days ago but i do remember what i saw on see..people actually cheering on the landslide on tv..while the cameraman was shooting on the well can that be..a real movie trailer or some dickass brain trying to tell the whole nation that there was a landslide..people can see it and you know what..the voice was like enjoying it..dickheads..

just now..there were actually stuffs stolen from the evacuated house..good timing huh..i guess malaysian just do not mind what happens just as long they can have all the oppurtunity to steal..

guys..if somehow you have any videos from what i am describing..please do post it..i tried to find it but somehow i could not find it..but i will surely try again later..

till i write again..

Saturday, December 6, 2008

i wish i can be more understanding person

um..things have been pretty far apart for us since the start of our sem break..i guess i hurts much when it is not like what like i going out..almost everyday n know..i just hate when it comes down to arguing over some stupid if we never argue before but is worth it..come to think of it..i was the one who is not matured enough to understand her perfectly..

i am not the person i used to be..people change..normal..yeah it is..but still..i hate myself for changing the way i am fucked up feeling when you feel like you change the way you are not supposed you get it..

it is like..when you plan something and it never goes the way you planned it to really is frustrating..

you know..when i try so hard not to make the women i love just turned out to be something like opposite know what i never text after you just woke up knowing that your morning call will make you freakishly horrible terrible person that does not remember or listen to anything...

all and all..i just wish that i we would last as long as we could..i really miss her whenever she is not in my sounds stupid but yeah..that day when we went out..i was so sad after she went out of the car..i should have followed her back..i do not know myself..

i am so out of words..

p/s:i love you fatin syazana..