Monday, July 20, 2009


this will be base on what i get on the wikipedia..well..almost all of my reading time are spent there so i just basically trust this site as my main source of information..regarding this..anymore information about any thing in this world in any website will be appreciated if u give me the url..=] blaberring..i know..

now..for the country that situated in the south-east region of is philippines..with the total area of the country of 300,000 km square. the capital of the country is called manila..the geography of the land consists of 0.61% of fresh water..the country main language is called philipino and they are using english too as one of their language..their poppulation is estimated around 92,226,600 is one of the richest cultural land in asia and also my main topic for my history assignment for now..

more updates later on..=]

continuation of my light and colours studies

still based on wikipedia..i need more source though..=]

Friday, July 17, 2009

colours assignment

all based on this sites..anymore information regarding colours are very helpful to me..thank you..

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

me myself and i..who here's the thing..i wrote this because at least now i have a reason lecturer ask me too..eheh..he will check this though so i make this as not me writing it as possible..

i am a simple yet not very complex minded to say..i have this friend of mine say're cool..sure i am not that cool but hey..a compliment's a compliment..i dont mind people saying things about me..if it's true i dont have much more to argue about it right..i just dont care..

i am younger than most people think i am..i have this very odd thing that makes me look face and people who know me will exactly say im not because of what i usually do..thank you..

this is very simple yet sarcastically not me..i was born at proud to say hometown..i love being there honestly..i just have a hard time to stay there though..i dont know why but yeah..people in sabah are particularly friendly..=]..not like me i guess..

what i think off is spectacularly different than what people think..maybe im just different..or maybe all human beings are different..i see many things that makes me hate that thing..i just dont expect people being who they are and still call themselves human being..for some of course..i have a very different view of this world..i hate a lot of people..i hate a lot of things but i also loves many things in the same time..=]..human nature..thats what this is..

this is not me writing..

till i write again..=]