Saturday, February 28, 2009

it's been a very long time since...

well really is a very long time since i update anything on this dull still suprised that someone would follow this thing..hahaha..

well now... this blog is all about writings and more dull words that comes out from my boring but still a little bit of 'creative' mind..8]

no pictures means that more creative thinking as i must say..haha..or slow and dull internet line that needs hours of uploading.. go figure..

by the way..i have this freakishly horrible assignment for my if anyone have any idea about what kind of house should i make a model of..just leave me a comment..if you have one..thanks..=]

description of the house that i need..
-2 stories height
-easy found materials
-basic design structure (this makes me wonder much)
-not to complicated
-please let the house have it's dimensions
-elevations and plans can make it more easier
-lets just say that the architect of that house is somehow well known
-reference can make my life easier

that's all folks..till i write again..

it's been a very long time since...