Friday, November 14, 2008


i am on a roll now.2 blogs a is frustrating knowing that you have something to do.but in the end.u have no interest to do it.i may not be able to go on for next semester as i freakishly forgot that i have to pre-register my course for next semester.yay me.

but you know life has so much to offer.i was thinking about going to the 'hal-ehwal pelajar' next Monday.maybe, just maybe they can help me sort something out.things are very different from what i expected as i enter my university life.things can get pretty miserable and though friends are a bundle here, they still can not be called friends.i am missing my life at school but there is nothing i can do.thinking about the past that is history and not repeating all the past mistake is all that i can think of yet i am still doing it.


p/s:thou this is so common, this is so different


about life
about me
about you
about who
about her
about him
about us
about them
about it
about ____

i tend to figure how things will be without all of the above.describing things unnecessary.but makes me wonder.why we were ask those kind of question everyday.

-self impression on life-

p/s: another useless blog from me.=]