Tuesday, December 29, 2009


haha..so it's near the end of semester break and i wonder how much people that i considered as friends have change.=].this is me writing at the morning(10.55). so something you think impossible is basically possible even though you do not put your heart into it.

there's a lot of celebrities death this year.i wonder why.all the stories about the end of world.surely im not ready yet for that time to come but i'll accept the fact that it is near..hahaha.so much for 2009 to be a great year.but as time goes on.things will probably develop into something more better. whatever was new will be old.xD.

oh oh.somehow i feel like writing in 'rojak'.

this is a good year and in 2more days it will become was a great year. i dont know about you guys but i have been through a lot this year and for this i do think this is my last post for this year.(malas). saying goodbye to 2009 today and looking foward to 2010.=].

p/s.i dont know about what you see but somehow i saw a lot of transsexual guys this year.xD

Monday, December 21, 2009


hye guys..it's been a while now i noticed..haha..i do say im back writing but somehow i feel a lot of laziness being corrupted into my brain to do anything productive..

well now..talking about productivity.(i was thinking about writing something that have to do with malaysian government issue).i've been thinking a lot about what i am doing at home now..pretty much nothing..i do say im trying to sell my photos but luck is really not on my side..haha.

oh..by the way..last saturday i went to the rantai art event..nothing much this year but i really do enjoy going there..i bought a very interesting book concerning about politics in malaysia in a very comical way..very fun and cheap..=].i see that no matter how different you are in this world there will be a single human being or more that somehow share the same thought as what you are thinking..(i dont really check on what i wrote anymore).

well now..i dont really know what to write anymore..until next time..writing about random things of what i feel..xDDD

Friday, December 4, 2009

well said

commenting about something that exist just for fun is fun..haha..how's that for the opening line..ok..here's the thing..people are exactly loves to give comments about something from their own perspective..it's like a common plague that seems hardly enough to ever fade from this society..

i've meet a foreigner earlier this day and somehow he gives some interesting questions for me to think..you know people around Malaysia especially teenagers like myself, we do not even concern ourself of what we are doing..i do not think it's appropriate for me to write down what i've done here but somehow you can guess..he asked me weather this society will be a gambling society in the future..........it really is hard to think not but somehow i replied that most of us in malaysia are muslim and we do not gamble but some of them are..the higher ranks do not so there will be no hope for this to happen..and then i think again..people are gambling everyday of their life..who does not..and yet there is no specific law against it..i wonder..

this country is a third world country and also known as the best islamic country if i am not mistaken..but the law here is not much as islamic as it can be..we decide the law by the passing of time and yet it never is perfected as it was during the great time of islam..we may say we are muslim but actually we do not do what we are told to do..i must say i am not a good muslim but i am trying to be one...someday for sure..

this is way off now..until next time..=]