Wednesday, October 15, 2008


finalfinalfinal..can something be compared to what im going through sem will be the answer..i cannot say this is hard but still im having a lot of problems regarding this composition thingy..i have to re-do what i have done just because i put in some wrong shades in my elvation...damn..but still..its final..

you know..when you are trying so hard to get something done they will always be something to block your progress and then when you do not even noticed it..your spirit of willingness will be block to..hence,(lol) no work could be done..

ouh by the has been a freaking awful week here as nothing i have done could be like procede the way i want it..''it is all about the client''..that is what architect do..creating design that no ordinary architect can one holding the architect names have the same opinion about a building or a structure..some say the klcc are odd and ugly..some say it is one of the greatest..some say it is typical..but i say it is nothing compared to what i am thinking..go figure~

i see that people here are starting to show who they really one wants to show it first..out of sillyness or shyness or one in this world show their true feelings..i myself will never show it..but when time will show themselves..=] blog are getting more boring than ever..till i write again~

p/s..missing my fatin..T_T