Friday, June 19, 2009


you is weird how people of other believes want to turn into Muslim..and yet..we, that was born as a Muslim try hard not to be one..i came across the discovery channel and watch this 'halal mate'..i biography about a women, somewhere in America convert into a Muslim..

her family was respectful yet very, how do say that..curious..asking question of why this and that..and really does make me think that..i need to change..

maybe i will the near future..if i am still alive..i am still me..still i know what is right and wrong..we get older yes..=]..

this might be and odd thing for me to write but somehow it feels great to just let go of what you are thinking to the world right..

till next writing time..bye

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

home me

so at last..i arrived safely in my sweet has been a rough 2-17 jun experience..16 hometown..which in fact i do not miss it that much..going places~ first weekend ended up in was an 8 hour journey from where i am staying which is at inanam..sandakan is not as fancy as i have ever imagined though..but hey..i guess if you are looking for great seafood delicacy that is the place to know that seafood there is fairly cheap if you want to compare it with prices in penisular..

as time flies so do my writing skill..haha..i have not done this for a while and since it is daytime my mood is not working much with me..

there is a lot more story to be told..maybe i'll write it later..bye~

Monday, June 1, 2009

oh you know what..i have checked some of my friends blog and i guess..maybe mine is totally boring in many kind of ways..haha..besides..i have noticed this..a lot of people start blogging recently..i wonder why..weee~ is the thing..i am leaving for Sabah tomorrow at 7 has been a long time since i was Sabah language is getting all shitty you know..try me next time when you meet me..=]..i was thinking of turning my phone off while i am at Sabah..maybe i can get away from all my friends for a while..but heck..haha..i do not have that many friends that cling to me everytime off with the idea..=] will be hard if i got lost..haha..take that ideas~

oh hey..maybe..people will start using twitter as now..interesting..=]..i have another month to have fun till i get back to hell..drawings all the way till end of year..wish me happy holiday you all..=]..