Monday, January 18, 2010

design process

since im having a thing called mind block or something close to that term..i decide writing on how to start my design process back to its

the thing about designing that makes me eager is because it is fairly subjective.people design things just to justify what they think about something.even in some fair subjective value, people will come to fact that when their design is being evaluated, it really is a one sided opinion from a certain someone.hence, making it the perfect thing to discuss even when it has been proceeded by a certain someone.people design something from their own likings following the others objectives and what other people wants.that is reality even if someone said that they do design things for someone else.

when thinking about how to start a design, the first thing that must be considered is what is the purpose of that design or in other words what is the main problem that needs to be to be tackled in your design. then comes the idea concept, the principal, the form, the function, the details and so on and this process keeps repeating until it is satisfactory.

p/s:if you found this is getting boring just go on reading on the last two paragraph.

back on the topic.even when you really do not know where to start, and since it is subjective, do reconsider starting anywhere like planning your principle of design but do take note that the very basic thing about designing comes from problems itself.clarify all the important facts down to the tiniest bits as it will come handy when you think about the materials, details, ergonomics, etc.

then there's this stage when you have to ask opinion or crit session. the crucial moment of this stage is when someone gives out what do they think about your take notes and make full use of it.peoples' opinion are important as it reflect the clients that will be using your design.

so, basically the things that i really have in mind is somehow different than what it came out as an article but this is my design it is subjective, different people have different process on how they design things.

im still a part 1 student and in my 4th semester.i still have a long way to go but hey.everyone have their point of view. designing things is easier if you have experience on your side which i know i lack of that.i just think and sometimes outspoken of what i think about something.i have nothing much to say about this stage but there's this book where i came across during my 3rd semester called THE CRIT.i do not remember who was the author was but damn that book really gives much information when you are at the trimming stage.

if you guys come across this article please do give me a comment or something.i really need some more views about the matter of designing.until i write again.bye~

p/s: i write things out of my 'pisangness'

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