Sunday, January 3, 2010


you know the feeling when sometimes in your life there are just things that you do but you never have the specific reason and then you start to wonder, why exactly did you do what you really is a cliché for something that absolutely unreasonable..

for no specific reason i really am into some old stuffs like the beattles.=.=, my old sketchbook(though my drawing way back then sucks), my old blablablabla and so on..yes things do change and if going back to realising your old stuffs is new then that is me(i dont really check on my sentence and if it doesnt make sense do tell

sometime i even wonder why do i write anything in this blog..i do feel like expressing someone feelings for public to read is lame but i still write stuffs..damn.maybe i really need a beginning to hate all the things that i have done but to regret it is not an option..i just need to live with my past and somehow just make it better..i dont want my child or grandchild or whatever child to know all the bad things i have done but honesty will effect one's way of thinking about the other..

i still _____________________

fill that in(doubt it)...hahaha

that's all it for my 1st post of 2010..=]
p/s.this is crap


J A Y T E A L I C I O U S said...

by thinking a crap for newwy is just a big great beginning for some people dude..~;]

ahnaf said...