Tuesday, January 5, 2010

the simple rules of 'rumput'

the most simple reason for me to post this is because of the simple rule of 'rumput' in uitm..stupid asshole..

1st semester.
''adik, sini sekejap'', the guy with the blue uniform said.

walking slowly(thinking all of the possibilities for me being sued)''kenapa bang?(shit, why did i label him as abang)''

"kamu part berapa?'', he asked

i said ''part 1 kot''

ok.this is getting shitty but the main thing of why he ask me to come to him is because i step on the grass..yes this sounds stupid but somehow in uitm sri iskandar, you can be issued a summon just because you simply step on the grass..stupid rule number 1.i was thinking of writing the 2nd semester and the 3rd semester when i received a summon for that but somehow it's just plain old stupid and fucking irritating..

then this day come..the 3rd day of my 4th semester..i was late for class and this stupid campus just wont let the student vehicle enter without any sticker..so the thing was that the parking space at the back door(the nearest entrance from my place) was full according to the stupid guys in the blue uniform..then i ask to park just a little bit further inside the gate where there are ample space to park on the grass..but somehow he said, ''oh, tak boleh la dik, pengarah kampus marah nanti kalau parking atas rumput''..=.=

fuck the stupid uitm policy..the grass were meant to be step on..if you dont want to give away the grass area for parking spot then build a larger parking area to accommodate your students..stop wasting money to renovate your stupid hostel which in fact are given away to the load of new students..imagine taking in over 3000 new students and ignoring 1500++ of your old students that are still studying there..stupid imaginative uitm..

if you say that people should be getting used of using the public transport to come to the campus, then provide a better service..dont make the stupid bus schedule where every 1 hour there will be like 3-5 buses come around and pick us up..not all of us have the same stupid timetable that you guys set up for..

the stupid uitm may be ignoring the students but this is the fact..dont get heated up just because of the government want uitm to be multi racial..think of your student in some fact that not all of us can accept your stupid rules of fucking with the students..''Melayu tolong Melayu'', so much for that to be true..how about Malaysian helping Malaysian you stupid Malay..

this is getting overrated..i might be expelled or whatever by this post but this is the truth..
until i write again.~

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